New Law, Health and Society (LHS) research unit at Deakin Law School

Deakin Law School is thrilled to be launching Law, Health and Society (LHS), a new research unit leading the way with impactful, collaborative research in the ever-evolving field of health law.  

Director of the Law, Health and Society research unit, Associate Professor Neera BhatiaAs a well-established health law scholar who has been researching in this area for over a decade, Associate Professor Neera Bhatia is passionate about the capacity of LHS to make a significant difference to societal wellbeing.

‘Health and healthcare are constantly evolving and the law tends to lag behind in terms of how we look at the ethical, legal and social implications of health, healthcare and the provision of health,’ Assoc. Prof. Bhatia explains.

‘I saw an obvious space for Deakin Law School to consolidate our research in health law, and the intersection between health, law, ethics and technology.’